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  • State licensed Home Medical Equipment Provider
  • Pride Mobility Authorized Provider
  • Licensed Orthotic Fitter on staff

A Letter to Our Community

Comfort Mobility, Inc. has been serving the Apopka, Florida and most of the greater Orlando area since January 1999. We have been at our current location in Victoria Plaza since 2002. It is a privilege to get to know our neighbors and help them meet their health care needs!

It is our mission to meet the home health care needs of our clients/patients in the Central Florida area by providing the highest quality medical equipment, supplies, and services. We respect the rights of our clients/patients and are dedicated to providing responsive, timely, and caring customer service. In order to serve our clients/patients effectively and efficiently, members of our team receive ongoing continuing education so that they are knowledgeable about the latest in home health care technology.

Through the years, Comfort Mobility has been a real asset to our community. It is true that some of the items we carry may also be found online or perhaps in big-box pharmacies that nowadays seem to be on every corner. However, no matter what they stock, they cannot deliver something that Comfort Mobility prides itself in providing: PERSONAL SERVICE.

Try to get a repair done at a big-box pharmacy on something you purchased from them. Even more difficult, try to have something repaired that you purchased online. Not only do we do in-store repairs, but we will send a technician out to your home. Yes, we still make house calls!

We have a licensed Orthotic Fitter on staff to assist in making sure you have the right size and fit when purchasing a brace or compression stockings. Having the correct strength, size, and fit is not something that should be left to guesswork. Particularly regarding compression garments, the right fit moves the blood and fluids back up toward the heart preventing pooling in the extremities. Accurate measuring is another service that cannot be obtained at your big-box pharmacy or super store.

We provide many other services to the community. We also deliver specialized wound care, ostomy, urinary and incontinence products. Unlike the Internet, you can get these items immediately without having to wait. You will also avoid shipping costs, assembly, set-up, and potential return shipping costs if the equipment is unsatisfactory. We also offer warranty support, repair service, and returns to the manufacturer.

Because of Medicare cutbacks, Internet sites, and big-box pharmacies, family-owned community-based medical equipment stores like ours are on the endangered species list. We truly value the support of our neighbors and friends like you who will enable us to continue to be an integral part of the local business community. We want to be there when you need us!

We look forward to serving you.

Mark and Beth Midkiff

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