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1. Get $20 off the regular price of a 2-Foot Bi-Fold Aluminum Ramp when you buy any new Scooter, manual Wheelchair or Transport chair   Folding Ramp for home access

2. For limited time... Aluminum Bath / Toilet chair with wheels

Alum Bath Toilet Chair
Alum Bath Toilet Chair
3. On clearance... One hydraulic Patient Lift, 450 lbs Wgt Cap.
Patient Lift, hydraulic

4. New Item! Bariatric Bedside Commode, 650 lbs wgt cap

Bariatric Bedside Commode

5. Pride Go-Go Elite Travel Mobility Scooters.
Features: 300 Lbs Wgt. Cap, Up to approx 12 Miles per Charge, disassembles in 5 pieces.
SC40E 3-wheel & SC54 4-Wheel models are available.
(see info video on Youtube)

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